1. The value of video development.
    Online videos are fast becoming a universal selling method, and are an ideal way for the Company to tap into the business world. The incorporation of online video will allow the Company to reach an enormous amount of new customers over the Internet. The amount of Americans with high-speed Internet access has increased 300% since 2002 to about 112 million people.

Almost 50% percent of the time people spend watching video content is on a personal computer, and this percentage is expected to keep increasing in the years to come. Read More.

_ VideoAFX is a total-solutions media provider. We specialize in affordable, high-quality video supported by creative motion graphics and professional talent to help you supercharge your marketing message. Your online presentation is clearly as important as your physical presence, if not more so. Getting noticed first, then keeping the consumer's attention, are critical keys to success. Websites with stale paragraphs and still pictures just don't do it as well.

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