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    I suppose a statistic would be proper with this headline. Now, from somewhere, I was notified today that a small company posted an article on the average internet user and how much time they spend online. This little statistic is very important when trying to forecast future trends and how social media, video, and the “internet addiction” play a role in, not only the business world, but our “average,” everyday lives. That company was Nielsen (you know, the one that gives all the statistics on media/demographics?). And the statistic is, “The Average Internet User” spends

    New media this, Hulu, Twitter, and oh yeah, this Social Networking thing that! Just in the past few days, it’s absolutely been amazing to StubleUpon, Mash, and forecast the next big thing. I don’t really think it’s incredibly hard to determine either, and it’s nothing that hasn’t already been discussed every day for the past 2 years.  The question is, “Is Video Ready yet?”

    Apparently, 2010 is supposed to be the year that “Video Advertising Gets Real.” What do you think? I mean @YouTube means 1 billion views per day! Sorenson, Kaltura, Brightcove, Ooyala, and some ex video management/syndication start-ups