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    Does Video Work

    Now does video work?…ABSOLUTELY. With the success of YouTube the future is promising for VideoAFX Media Solutions, due to the surging popularity of online video.

    Video allows your consumers a total view of your product via your website. No out of focus pictures or cut off shots. With video there is no need for an explanation and it is
    hassle free to your clients. Your clients will be able to view your product and record any questions that they may have before they meet with you. Your clients will also be able to view your product anytime, in any order and in privacy! How great is that? No demanding sales person looking over their shoulder while they experience your product. Streaming online video is the wave of the future in advertising. It’s convenient, economical and innovative.

    Ask yourself this question and then read the reports below. They are astonishing.

    With online videos fast becoming a universal method of selling products, it’s an ideal way for your company to tap into the millions of Americans using the internet. The amount of consumers with high-speed internet access has increased 300 percent in the last 6 years to about 112 million! With
    that being said, almost 50 percent of the time consumers are on a personal computer they are watching video content of some kind.

    Online video represents the new wave in online marketing. E-commerce websites are increasingly incorporating online video to enhance customer web experience.

    At VideoAFX our goal is to inform consumers about products and services that are superior to text, imagery, and audio, as well as to educate clients in a way that strengthens brand awareness and ultimately converts them into customers.