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    Real people, real experience, and really organized. The teams at VideoAFX know the production process, help you collaborate and create, and take care of the entire process from concept through campaign…your end to end solution. We create, engage, and Affect your bottom line, because at the end of the day, VideoAFX…everything.

    Here at VideoAFX we have taken advertising and marketing to the next level. Seeing the changes in the way information is sent out and received, we have successfully merged together the speed of the internet and the demand for longevity in advertising.

    Print advertising has an amazingly short shelf life. While affective in gaining the consumers attention, it is not successful in delivering information quickly. Most consumers have an attention span of about 3-5 seconds. What this means to you is that you have about 3-5 seconds to capture, sustain, and deliver enough information about your product so that the consumer will retain that information and come back. VideoAFX allows you to do just that, available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
    without interruption.

    In short, we help you capture more business. From scheduling through distribution, our 5 business day turn-around is industry leading. We simplify the entire process, allowing you the ability to concentrate on your business. Giving you links to email, installing embedded video players on your website, streaming the video, and finally, with DVD duplication we give you the most bang for that frugal advertising buck.

    1. Pre-Production

    This is the planning and co-ordination phase. It includes choosing a location and writing a script. It is also the most important phase in the video production process. Read More


    Pre-ProductionPreliminary Budget/Bid: Once we have assessed your project needs — usually after one or two meetings –we can provide you with a preliminary budget estimate. When the details of your project are determined, such as number of locations; production days; special effects; graphics; and editing requirements, as well as the need for professional talent or narration, we can submit a bid to you. If the proposed project is very complex, it may not be possible to submit a final budget until the actual script is complete.

    If the scriptwriting is being handled on your end, we may charge on an hourly or daily basis for our production services.

    A contingency figure in the budget reflects the fact that even the most thoroughly pre-planned video production can fall prey to “Murphy’s Law,” with delays and problems that cannot be foreseen or controlled.

    Scriptwriting/Script Consultation

    Like blueprints are for an architect or a CAT-scan is to a neurosurgeon, a script for your video production is essential. Although it may not be brain surgery, video production is a highly skilled and detailed process. And without a carefully designed script, your project could end up costing more than expected, and/or be less successful in conveying your message. The script not only includes the talent’s lines, it also plots out all the visuals (such as camera angles), and contains the creative elements (like special effects) that will hold the audience’s attention. The script is the master plan for the actual production work.

    Scriptwriting for video is different from other forms of writing. As opposed to an audiotape script, the video script message is carried through the visuals –not the words. And research studies have shown that people learn faster and remember more of what they learned when the material is presented to them visually.

    Like the production process itself, there are several steps in developing a good video script.

    1. Research

    Gathering and using printed information, site visits and interviews with technical advisors, employees and even customers.

    2. The Treatment

    This is a condensed version of the script, describing, in a general way, what will be seen and heard. The treatment will need to get the green light from your “Approval Person,” before we move on to…

    3. The Rough Script

    Just as the name implies, the rough script is a draft, which will explain, in detail, the look and feel of the finished project. Like the treatment, the rough script is subject to approval.

    4. The Final Script

    Once all of the additions and/or revisions from the rough script have been approved, the result is the final script –and the production phase can begin!

    2. Production

    This is when the actual videotaping, either on location or in our studio, occurs. Narration and music recording, as well as the developing of graphics and animation, are also part of the production phase. Read More

    3. Post-Production

    Editing, audio mixing and inserting of titles and special effects take place in this phase. Post-production also includes DVD authoring and duplication, web development and distribution. Read More

    Let’s start with the pre-production process. This is the planning and coordination phase of the project. It includes choosing a location where the video will be shot. The location is very important because it is the introduction to your video. It should be eye catching but not overwhelming. At this stage a dialogue will be created as well. You will want the message created with your target audience in mind.

    Next is the production of the video. This is where the actual taping of your video occurs. Whoever will appear on camera, either yourself or your staff, should be comfortable in front of the camera. This is video and not television so here are some pointers on what the “on camera” persons
    should be aware of. Cosmetics should be applied as usual and not overdone. Neutral colors are best. Try to stay away from tight fitting clothing and multi-colored pattern fabrics. We will supply you with a list of acceptable attire for the camera. Relax and have fun with it.

    Lastly is the post-production phase. Now editing, audio mixing, graphic insertion of any titles, and any special effects will take place. Our editing team will present to you a “rough” copy of your video for your approval. Once your approval and go ahead has been made, we will finish with any changes and present to you the final product. That’s it. Simple and fun.

    Online video is the wave of the future. VideoAFX is an online video marketing company that saw the need and successfully married the internet with high quality video. Using video in your marketing gives you the advantage of getting noticed first. In our fast paced world and the ability to get information instantly from the internet, it just makes since to use video in your marketing. With print ads becoming so costly, not to mention the limited shelf life print ads have, you owe it to yourself and your business to schedule a consultation with one of our online marketing specialist today. Let us demonstrate how you can take those same marketing dollars and put them where they will serve your business today and tomorrow. VideoAFX is your end to end solution for all of your internet marketing needs.