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    What is VideoAFX

    What is VideoAFX? VideoAFX Everything. We save money, look good, engage, and increase the level of buzz around products, brands, websites, services, concepts, or even you durring your most exciting moments. If there’s an app for it, there’s a video for it and if there isn’t a video for it, give us a call and we’ll get right on it.

    We’ve been successfully helping companies with online video marketing for many years…VideoAFX is one of the revolutionary online video marketing start ups. Since 2007, VideoAFX has collaborated, produced, scripted, directed, edited, hosted, developed, syndicated, and reported on all aspects of online video advertising.

    VideoAFX is a total-solutions media provider. We specialize in affordable, high-quality video supported by creative motion graphics and professional talent to help you supercharge your marketing message. Your online presentation is clearly as important as your physical presence, if not more so. Getting noticed first, then keeping the consumer’s attention, are critical keys to success. Websites with stale paragraphs and still pictures just don’t do it as well.