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    We seek to fully understand your business, which means we need to become familiar with the range of products and services your business provides. During your formal consultation, we will determine which aspects of your business are most profitable. Once we categorize your product and service architecture based on sales performance, we can move into the next phases of discovery, which include website structure, search engine rankings, analytics, budgets and goals, and finally, keyword research and targeting.

    Phase 1: Organic SEO & Analytics Review

    Chances are, your website is listed or ranked somewhere in the major search engines organically, for various long-tail keywords and brand driven search phrases. How prospects are searching for your business and finding you organically is reflected in the historical data of your website analytics reports. If you have never enabled any analytics reporting software for your website, there’s no need to worry, because we can still retrieve important data from around the internet to intelligently discuss your current online performance. Our goal during this phase is to establish a suitable framework to enhance your online marketing campaign.

    Phase 2: Keyword Research & Targeting

    At this point, we can begin to research top performing keywords. Keywords drive your pay per click campaign and if your product or service is highly searched for, that generally means competition or cost per click and bidding may be high. However, finding relevant key phrases to bid on is only half the battle of a managed pay per click campaign. Targeting options are vast. Local, global, broad match, exact match, phrase match, display networks, and other keyword matching options are configured for targeted PPC advertising. It’s not uncommon to compile over 150 keywords during initial research. At the end of this phase, we are able to not only make solid traffic projections, average daily and monthly budget suggestions, but we are also capable of answering one major question. Is there room for a significant return on investment?

    Phase 3: Budget Planning & Goals

    Whether mom and pop or fortune 500, monthly advertising spend and marketing goals are tremendously important to the success of any pay per click campaign. Advertising online to build brand awareness, lead quality, or lead quantity depends upon the short term or long term goals of your organization. We recommend running your pay per click campaign for a minimum of three months or if specific to seasonal sales, when search volume increases. During the budget planning and goals phase, we will determine if there are other marketing methods in place that have produced minimal results and together, we will arrive at a comfortable budget with maximum PPC performance goals.