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    Your pay per click campaign can require a lot of attention depending on what bells and whistles are added to the marketing mix. Once the initial campaign is set up and has ran for at least two weeks, campaign management can become very beneficial. It’s not only about tracking performance and analyzing reports. It’s how you change course and enhance ad groups, keywords, bid settings, display frequencies, and many other elements such as quality scores, click through rates, and opportunities. These all play a significant role in the conversion arena. PPC management encompasses three very large campaign topics which include reporting, optimization, and the ever increasing reach.


    Custom PPC reporting is key. Standard reports are great too, but without a knowledgeable and experienced PPC guru on your side, more often than not, money just slips through the cracks. Tied together with a Google Analytics account, pay per click reporting offers a tremendous advantage. Determining which keywords drive the most traffic at the lowest cost does not always increase conversions. What increases conversions can only be found by solid analyzing and reporting. We email you once a week with a standard PPC performance report and then analyze our own custom reports which are much more detailed. Our monthly management fees include one hour per month for campaign performance review and with this data, we then spend time optimizing your pay per click campaign.


    With data collected, reported, and analyzed for the month, we begin optimizing your pay per click campaign. Are we optimizing your display ads or just enhancing your search network ad units? It all depends on which VideoAFX campaign package you purchase and which monthly management plan you’re on. In a nutshell, we increase performance across every campaign, change bid settings, targeting methods, concentrate on top performing ad units and keywords, and employ a no fail approach to increase traffic and conversions. Every month, we spend a considerable amount of time optimizing your campaign.


    There’s always room for growth. Opportunities to expand reach are constantly changing and expanding based on a variety of factors. Adding placements, keywords, text ads, display ads, and even duplicating and creating entirely separate campaigns to expand reach across new niche mediums is true PPC management. We just don’t set up a PPC campaign to run on auto and call it a day. With our online marketing philosophy on your side, your campaign will never stop growing. Eventually, if you stick around long enough, your pay per click campaign will be worth a handsome amount of money all by itself, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and return on investment, month after month.