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    Pay Per Click Marketing

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

    Pay Per Click Marketing has exploded over the past few years do to many factors. VideoAFX is Google Adwords Certified and we literally flipped with the Google Engage for Agencies switch the moment Engage for Agencies was birthed, to bring you the most affordable PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management strategies to your online business video and website campaign syndication needs. We help you drive affordable and instant traffic to your websites, videos (Pre, Mid, & Post Roll), or landing pages by discovering, distributing, managing, re-marketing, reporting, and optimizing your Custom Pay Per Click Campaigns. There’s a significant difference between the organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) market, which is highly saturated and the Pay Per Click market, which is, well, commonly neglected. PPC campaigns are easily the most affordable way (vs. Print Pains) to capture clients and prospects. Why? We take the time to discover and capitalize on unknown CPC fruits.

    Cost Per Click (CPC) Management

    CPC sounds costly right? VideoAFX Conversion Ratios. We are here to account, manage, and hedge all quality driven aspects of your PPC campaign(s), thereby decreasing average cost per click and increasing your return on investment. Online marketing is about traffic, conversion ratios, and dollar bills. Are you ready to expand market share and increase profits?

    Creative Agency Style Niche Ad Groups

    Niche Driven PPC Campaigns decrease ad spend, increase ppc quality scores, and capture more traffic. We collect your niche specific data during the first month, establish targets during the second month, and then adjust campaign settings for maximum conversions during the third month. Best of all, our management fees decrease during the first few months of your pay per click campaign. View Plans & Pricing