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    We like to think remarketing is the holy grail of online marketing. Remarketing with Google Adwords allows custom campaigns to be set up with the ability to retarget pools of users who have visited your website in the past and to segment these users into groups based on specific interests. Through the use of text ads and banner/display ads, we can display your brand to people that have visited specific pages, products, or services within your website. If you’re running a pay per click campaign and not utilizing this extensive asset to target users who are already familiar with your website, you’re missing a large piece of the PPC puzzle. To leverage remarketing campaigns, you will want to concentrate on tracking the hi-performing interior pages of your website, designing display ads with a punch, and working with frequency capping to keep the intrusiveness of your brand at bay.

    List Segmentation & Tracking

    How many people visited your website this month? Which product or service pages on your website generated the most leads? By installing tracking code on the top performing pages on your website, we can then segment users into lists or groups to specifically target them with ads related to their interests. For instance, let’s say you sell swimming pools and a section of your website talks about installing new pool liners. We can track visitors that read this content and remarket to them with advertisements about new pool liners. When the user is browsing the internet and visits a website, your pool liner adverts will be displayed and when clicked on, will bring the user back to the pool liner service section of your website. We recommend at least one remarketing list that canvases every page on your website to get you up and running. However, the possibilities are limited only to the amount of products and services you provide, as list segmentation and tracking is possible for each individual page on your website.

    Designing Display Advertisements

    We custom design different display ads that conform to IAB standards, which guarantees maximum reach across the Google Display Network. Not all websites all skyscraper ad sizes. Most publishers across the display network have available advertising space the 368 x 280 banner ad, which is a much more common ad size. However, many publishers and websites display ads in a variety of sizes and therefore, we recommend themes for your banner ads. For instance, one theme will come with 6 different banner advertisements in total and therefore, increase the amount of impressions your remarketing campaign generates. Banner ad units are designed in the following sizes and remember, 1 theme set includes all sizes.

    • 468 x 60
    • 728 x 90
    • 300 x 250
    • 336 x 280
    • 120 x 600
    • 160 x 600

    Frequency Capping

    Ever since remarketing hit the scene, people started saying things like, “How are these advertisements following me?” We even heard from a few people that have described it as “creepy.” Inevitably, the market will become saturated and people will continue to figure it all out. To combat against your brand being to intrusive, we maintain its class, with frequency capping. Each viewer is subscribed to a set number of allowed impressions for the day, rather than constantly visiting different websites and seeing your advertisement all the time. Frequency capping is a powerful asset when used correctly.