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    Quick, grab the camera and let’s get this recorded! Is it recording yet? Aha, the dilemma. At its most basic beginnings, trying to publish online video for small businesses can start to raise many questions and in specific cases, even some worthy concerns. Before getting into the meat of this discussion, we first need to address a few of the immediate concerns that are undoubtedly going to arise in the above situation.

    Strictly from a marketing perspective, you need to know your message and you should have some form of respect for how that message is going to be delivered, interpreted, and monetized. Is it quality over quantity or quantity over quality? Do your consumers expect a professional service/product or do they expect to see your business video messages on a routine basis? From an analytics perspective


    Wednesday, 11 November 2009 by

    Welcome to VideoAFX! Although this is not the first post, it is one of the first web introductions for VideoAFX. We thought about it for a minute and wanted to give a very simple approach to what it is that we actual do here at VideoAFX, as a company. So, how might a VideoAFX company

    I suppose a statistic would be proper with this headline. Now, from somewhere, I was notified today that a small company posted an article on the average internet user and how much time they spend online. This little statistic is very important when trying to forecast future trends and how social media, video, and the “internet addiction” play a role in, not only the business world, but our “average,” everyday lives. That company was Nielsen (you know, the one that gives all the statistics on media/demographics?). And the statistic is, “The Average Internet User” spends