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    2011 Video Stats: Enough’s Enough.

    Tuesday, 04 January 2011 by

    Even busy business executives want to do more than just read on the web…yeah, anyone familiar with that eTrade baby? From my recollection, I think “even young toddlers want to do more than just read on the web.” Online video used for learning about products and services just started to make more sense. You see, when the clock struck 2010, web video experts rang it in as, “2010: The Year Video Advertising Gets Real.” Last year Online Video Advertising did get real. In 2011, Online Video Marketing will become sanctified. Holy Video Batman?

    Video For Social?

    Thursday, 12 November 2009 by

    The bell curve. Another curve that relates to the nth degree. Socialnomics, habits, way’s of life, and futuristic concepts all bring to the table what can be, in layman’s terms, referred to as the “Fifth Element.” Yeah, an element…code it into the periodic table as “IE.” It’s all too prophetic, but (and I stress “simply put”) when there’s a limit that’s constantly expanding, there’s always a need for an economic explanation. Although however, comparably, let’s take the M1 money supply, apply monetary policy tools that “Change” (Obama!, Obama!, Obama!)  aggregate demand, thereby also changing the price level of umm…VIDEO FOR SOCIAL and finally, let’s imagine a global internet job outsource.

    All economics and politics aside, why is video production, search engine optimization, and GDP always on the rise (historically)? The answer: There’s a New Generation of Generations & Technology. This new


    Wednesday, 11 November 2009 by

    Welcome to VideoAFX! Although this is not the first post, it is one of the first web introductions for VideoAFX. We thought about it for a minute and wanted to give a very simple approach to what it is that we actual do here at VideoAFX, as a company. So, how might a VideoAFX company


    Tuesday, 29 September 2009 by

    Smashing Magazine releases the Smashing Book! You have to imagine that being in the design world, many times, you simply hit a wall. However, with the Internet at your back and a couple clicks, you can usually find that missing inspiration. It’s Smashing that delivers the inspiration and now, a true look into the well

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