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    Google Partners: Video Advertising Advanced Certification

    by / Friday, 02 May 2014 / Published in PPC, Video Marketing

    Over the past few years (even past prior years past), video has been a great topic. To put it simply, video evolved technology…technology would be nothing without Video. It’s the put and push of video that makes the cream rise to the top and to put and push video these days means one of two things:

    A) It’s Understood
    B) Low Competition

    Low competition? What few understand about online video has been learned, certified, and practiced at the infamous Google for years. I’m sure you can recall the YouTube transaction? From that point in time to present day, trying to imagine the competition as minor could only be perceived as insane right? Don’t misinterpret the point here. Big video is competitive…small video is wide open.

    Why are we so sure of this? We’ve been on Google’s heels for years now and before Google Engage was even a thought, we were working towards multiple Google certifications. However, since Google Engage ended (R.I.P. Engage) and the new, more robust, increasingly “college like” Partners program hit the scene, we’ve been a bit tied up exploring all the new material. It took roughly four years to piece together and over that time, it’s been…dare we say, unorganized? Today’s Google Partner program is refined and highly organized, which is what one would expect from Google.

    The new Video Advertising Advanced Certification seems to be more elementary in name, compared to the slightly older Display Advertising Certification. What’s great about it is that the Video Advertising Certification is totally separate from the Display Certification and you can’t attempt to take the test until two of the required exams have been passed for Adwords Certification. That makes obtaining this brand new Video Advertising Advanced Certification a real challenge…although half the battle is professional video production. We are actively “engaged” in working with the TrueView video ad formats. We’ll report back once we have the new certificate.

    The goal of this post was to illustrate just how unsaturated the video advertising environment really is at this point in time. You probably understood that online video was very important about 5 years ago. Without a video, you can not advertise in this unsaturated market.

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