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    General Questions

    Simply put, you need to use VideoAFX to promote your business. It’s been fully researched by multiple marketing firms and the conclusion that continues to surface is “On Demand Video.” With this marketing medium, you not only have the ability to promote yourself 24/7, but you also have the ability to cut marketing costs, go green, tell your entire story, grab your customers attention, and move your company into the next phase of online video advertising.

    VideoAFX uses HD camera’s, captured to a tape and uploaded to a computer, which then receives a healthy dose of editing from the most powerful video editing software currently on the market. Our platforms, both Windows and Macintosh enabled, allow us to perform and lead the way through this ever changing industry. VideoAFX is different in many ways from a Virtual Tour because we add perspective, interactivity, and most importantly, Video.

    How does a Virtual Tour develop? Still imagery is used to capture the essence of the subject and “stitching” is used to create the ability of a panoramic view. There’s really nothing wrong with panoramic views, pan and zoom movements, and the QuickTime software the majority of these illustrations live on. However, the ability to modify and customize these “Virtual Tours" is limited to the software that feeds on still imagery. Currently, many various software providers are striving to take the Virtual Tour to the next level and by all means, many of them are successfully accomplishing this task.

    Streaming video is a term that has been widely accepted throughout the internet, but what exactly does it mean? In order to understand this concept, a quick look at the history of computers, networks, and servers is needed. In the mid 1990’s, as personal computers began to increase in CPU power, the internet began to commercialize. With the advent of standard OS’s (Operating Systems) and the ability to deliver the streaming media through bus bandwidth, the personal computer brought to life a medium of advertising never before thought possible.

    On demand or streaming video, allows a request to initiate an immediate response from a more powerful application, commonly referred to as a dedicated server. Condensed video, usually buffered as a flash video file is then “streamed” from the server to the user’s personal computer. During this phase, important applications allow the video to be seen immediately, on demand, before the video fully downloads. And while the video is being “pushed” from the server to your computer, you are able to watch it, typically quicker than your personal computer can receive the full FLV file.

    The average length of your video production depends upon which product you select. Next to each of our products, you can find the average length of the video production.

    This is a very good question. In order to give this FAQ an answer, please see the section devoted to video distribution. It may take a while for you to become familiar with the value being offered, but in due time, you will say, “I Love VideoAFX!”

    We “shoot” for a five business day turn around. As long as we get your payment and there are no revisions to be made during the approval process, we will meet this target.

    We are located off of Greenbrier Parkway in Chesapeake, Virginia. Please view our Contact page for more information.

    VideoAFX has the right to display our video products, content, and work at our discretion. You, the customer have license rights to your video for the life of the video product.

    Ordering & Billing

    Navigate to our video products catalog and find the product that best fits your needs and budget. Once you add the video product to your cart, you can checkout and order online.

    You will receive and email from us after your purchase with a contract and a receipt for your order. Electronically sign the contract and we will get in touch with you to discuss the paperwork process, pre-production, production, and post-production process.

    Option 1: YouYube and it's free.

    Option 2: If you would rather have a custom streaming solution, we work with the JW Player and Bits on the Run for secure streaming. The first 3 months is on us. After this initial term, we require $9.95 per month, for every two videos currently online. If you become a VideoAFX Pro ($24.95 per month), we will stream all of your videos until you miss or stop a payment.

    We accept all major credit cards, cash, personal checks, and money orders. In order to schedule your video shoot, we need half of the payment up front and the other half of the payment is due upon delivery.

    Payment is due when you order a video product. the majority of our online products require 50% down to get started with the paperwork and pre-production process.

    If you are requesting a large amount of work, we will consider a payment plan which may be paid in thirds.

    We will allow you to cancel 1 time after production schedule have been scheduled. If you need to reschedule a second time and we are scheduled to film inside, we will charge a $100.00 fee to reschedule. if weather depend, we will plan accordingly per the desired weather conditions.

    We do not have a refund policy and we will not refund any part of any deposit made one of our video products.

    You sure can! We love when our customers and clients want to leave a testimonial. In order to leave a testimonial, please click on the Contact Us page and then leave a testimonial.


    In its most simplistic form, web syndication makes content available to other websites. When considering our real estate video products, keep in mind that we “syndicate” your video across the web.

    Yes. Viral marketing has a life of its own. Take for example your sphere of influence and word of mouth. On the web, viral marketing happens when others utilize your content for many different purposes, which repeatedly happens as more people find your content.

    There are two ways this can be accomplished. Your video can be added to your website as a link or you can upload the file to a folder within your website and “stream” the video directly from your server through various flash applications.

    How to add your video as a link:

    Once your video is finished, we deliver a link for your approval. This link can also be used to market on the internet and will be available for the life of your video. When adding the link to your website, unless you have a built in text editor, you will have to use html. Use similar code to this to display a link on your website:

    View My Video

    “View My Video” will become the link to your video. When clicked, your video will begin streaming from our servers to the default Windows Media software installed on your PC. You can also keep it simple and add the entire link

    Playing your video on your website:

    There are a few tricks to make this happen quickly. You can upload your video file to YouTube and then simply “embed” the code they give you onto your website. Other ways are more complicated and intricate and should be discussed with your web developer.

    Yes and no. We deliver your video file as a Windows Media Video (.wmv). In the wmv file format, your video will typically not be able to play on your cell phone. However, depending on the package you ordered, we may also deliver your video in two other file formats to include use on a cell phone or pda device. You must have a newer cell phone (or the video software required to play a video on your cell phone) and a “writable,” removable memory card with at least 50 mega bites of storage.

    Video is extremely engaging and emotionally powerful. What industry is your business in? It all boils down to becoming highly visible on the internet for whatever niches your consumers are searching. Feel free to browse through our distribution section and try to relate our distribution packages to the relevant aspects of your business.

    We also deliver your video in another file format called a WMV. This is a link that you can click on to view your video on your personal windows computer. It also allows you to "save target as," meaning you can now save the video to your computer as a WMV file for later viewing, uploading, burning, etc.

    Yes. When we email you with the final approval link, you can use this link to send to friends, family members, business associates, and any online distribution points you wish to syndicate your new video link to. Keep in mind to check our video packages for the “request limits” your video link is allowed to have before it becomes invalid. We base the life of the video link over the impressions the video receives. In most cases, by the time you have reached your impression limit, your business will have evolved and you will likely be in need of an updated video. Allowed impressions range from 10,000 to 30,000 and are viewable within the details section of our Video Packages.

    To put your video on CD, you must have a writeable CD-R disc. A CD-R disk will allow you to copy your wmv formatted video and play it on any computer with a CD drive. Unfortunately, the CD-R disk can not display your video through a DVD player.

    To put your video on a DVD, you should have a writeable DVD-R disk, software to convert your wmv formatted video, and the ability to burn the finalized DVD conversion to the DVD-R disk. DVD-R’s are usually more expensive than CD-R’s.